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Publisher’s guide

Before you begin composing your course, we’ll make sure you’re set up with a publisher’s guide to help you. Designed with the preparation process in mind, this will take you through:

  • How the Clickary publishing platform works.
  • How to design your course from the beginning so that it fits the Clickary course templates for ease of publishing.
  • Useful forms to use in structuring your content.
  • What course elements are essential and what you can choose to include for added value.
  • Lots of tips and hints from successful authors on how to compose a winning course that appeals to many students.

Checklist for success

At Clickary Solutions we’ve worked hard to build an excellent reputation in online education. One of the foundations to this is maintaining a consistently high standard in all our published courses.

We know all our tutors care about the quality of their work as much as we do. To help you keep to the kind of standard that attracts our large following of students, we’ve prepared a checklist for you to tick when you think your course is ready for submitting.

Your checklist will outline all the criteria for a good quality course that is likely to receive a positive response from our body of followers.

To boost your chances of success with your course, you can add credibility and status by applying for accreditation. ICOES is the international accrediting body that establishes, monitors and develops educational standards in online education. Adding ICOES endorsement to your course inspires trust in people that your course is of high quality, is clearly structured and achieves expected learning outcomes.

Accredited courses attract significantly more interest that those without. If you’d like to add this seal of approval to your work, we can guide you on the application process.

In-demand courses

You know you’d make a great online tutor but not sure what topic to focus on? Maybe you have knowledge in a wide field or in several areas.

To help you choose subject areas with a great chance of success, we do extensive research behind the scenes to point you in the right directions. We have many years of experience in online education and an intimate relationship with our huge community of students.

An integral component of the Clickary Solutions platform is our engine room – a sophisticated and complex system of data and analytics that enables us to keep sharp pace with what’s happening in the online education world. This system continually tracks and monitors user preferences and demand. Reports and detailed analytics indicate where interest is emerging and what new trends are likely to grow.

Our research also identifies where there are insufficient products to meet interest being expressed through searches, highlighting potential streams of new revenue.

This means we not only have our fingers on the pulse of current needs and wants but our finely tuned student profiles help direct targeted marketing strategies to a captive audience.

We commit to updating our list of In-demand courses at least 4 times a year. Fast track your tutoring career now by searching through the current list and choose the next lucrative course you can create.

  • IT & Computing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Photography
  • Financial Trading
  • Wordpress - how to set up a website/blog
  • Fundraising & Crowdfunding Management
  • Mindfulness

Fast track course publication

Are you ambitious and eager to make a new career in online tutoring? For those of you who just can’t wait to get going, choosing a course topic from our regularly updated In-demand course list has a few powerful advantages:

  • It can be difficult to judge how popular your subject choices and specific course areas might be among the online learning audience. By reading through our industry tailored In-demand list, you get the inside track into what students are currently looking for. By creating a course from this list, your chances of getting a strong response are high.
  • You save time researching and wondering just what to focus on for course creation and can get straight to relevant, popular content that’s sure to sell well.
  • Because we can predict a short response time from students to this kind of content, we’ve designed an express publishing service for courses from this list. We want you to catch the current demand while it’s hot and take full advantage of emerging trends.

This is an open invitation to jump in and set your career on fire! Get creating today and claim your rewards sooner than you think.

Accreditation for In Demand courses

If you’ve decided to create a new course in a topic that’s chosen from our list of In Demand courses, congratulations! We admire your ambition, drive and focus.

As In Demand courses are, well, in demand, our eager audience of students want them now! To speed the publication process and get your course to market as soon as possible, if your course is chosen for publication, we’ll fast track it through the necessary checking and sanctioning.

To give your new, approved course every chance of success, as an extra bonus, we’ll include the process of ICOES accreditation, free of charge. The added status of ICOES accreditation greatly increases the interest in courses and could help generate extra revenue for you - extra reward for your work for no extra cost.

Don’t wait around, visit our In Demand list now.

Course promotion

The Modern University Experience on IOA

An online campus has many advantages over traditional education. Students can access course material anytime and anywhere that suits them, via a PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Material is clearly outlined and structured and learning outcomes are predictable.

Our partner company, International Open Academy has recreated a university campus feel with all the convenience of learning online. Packed with a huge and ever widening range of courses in many fields, professional course writers are gathered together here to offer a superb modern learning experience. Embedded videos, informative graphics and live webinars augment the student’s progress and extra tutoring is available, either one to one or in a group.

Once you’ve gone through the course creation process, supported and guided by Clickary Solutions carefully designed tools, we’ll review your work to ensure it complies with IOA standards. Once approved, we’ll apply for ICOES accreditation*, giving your course recognised international endorsement, and publish your work in International Open Academy’s prestigious and popular campus.

IOA have developed a widely recognised and hugely successful educational experience and have a vibrant, interactive relationship with tens of thousands of students. They use valuable analysis and feedback from their community of students to continually improve their repertoire of courses, adopt effective sales and marketing strategies and keep sharp pace with changing trends and demands.

Think how it would feel to see your learning available for thousands of students to benefit from! You’ll help many learners to further their credentials and be well rewarded for doing so. Don’t wait, get started on creating your online course today!

* International Council for Online Education Standards