I’ve never created a course before.
Could you give me an idea of the size of a typical course?

The courses we publish and promote are typically structured into between 5 and 10 modules. Each module contains approximately 4000 words and provides 3-5 hours of study. We expect courses to include a minimum of 20 000 words of content in total.

Are there guidelines to help me plan and create my course?

Yes, as soon as you sign up as a tutor, expressing your interest in creating a course, we’ll send you a toolkit with clear guidelines, helpful tips and inside knowledge on how to plan, structure and compile the content for a great course that meets students’ expectations.

How much will it cost me to create a course?

It won’t cost you anything! You compose and create the content yourself. Even the practical elements that we recommend you include can usually be done with free online tools and technology.

Is it expensive to publish my course on IOA?

Nope! Uploading, review by our team, publishing, hosting on IOA and maintenance costs are all completely free. We also handle customer service and processing of payments from students.

How will my course be found by my target audience?

We never sit still! IOA actively engage with our community of over 167,000 students in 131 countries. We continually market to our existing student body and we have over 200,000 visitors to our site each month. Our sales and marketing team design tailored and specific marketing campaigns regularly, exploring new markets and opportunities on an ongoing basis, yielding new leads and interest all the time.

How do I earn revenue?

Each time a student buys your course, you get a royalty fee.

Is there a time limit on access to my course once purchased?

Yes, typically, the access to the course is granted for 60 days. Students have the option to extend their access for a small fee.