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Wise move! You’ve just taken a step towards exploring an exciting new future. A future you direct. Becoming an online tutor is probably easier than you think.

Online education is a rapidly expanding field. Demand for knowledge in all kinds of areas is multiplying every year as people realise the flexibility and convenience of learning in their own environments, at their own pace.

If you have knowledge that you could pass on to others, why not get paid for it? It’s rewarding and fulfilling to inspire others and contribute to their ongoing development. The idea of translating what you know into a format that can be studied by many others may be daunting but, take it from us, it is very achievable.

We’ve broken the course creation process into clear, straightforward steps that you can easily follow. In your Course Creation pack, we’ll send you a publisher’s guide, tutors toolkit, checklist and you’ll have access to tips from experienced tutors who’ve done all this before you. We’ve simplified the process into a logical, streamlined and structured method so you’ll end up with a course of the quality and standards needed for online publication.

Once your course has been approved, you can sit back and leave the rest to us. We’ll take care of publishing, sales and marketing, handling payment and customer support.

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